I am an architect by profession, a product designer in the making, a self-taught painter and a detail lover; I have a rush for everything that is well crafted and cleverly detailed and am passionate about everything art and everything design, and that’s why I decided to create jar.space.

Jar.space is a platform for sharing all that I come across by accident, or on purpose, of the art scene in Beirut, or elsewhere.

Since I am spontaneous in writing and taking photos, and since I cannot contain my excitement upon seeing marvelous art, I realized a blog is the best way to express my passion. This is not to say that I am the ultimate art guru or art critic, far from it, I only aim at sharing my love for art and perhaps inspire someone to  tread this path.

The space is a place for innovation, creation, and experimentation; anything can happen! So it all fits together to bring forth this humble blog of my strolls through streets and into galleries and workshops.